Kula Jankovića: spomenik kulture, pokretač održivog razvoja Ravnih kotara

About the project

Project „Jankovic Castle: historic site, generating sustainable development of the Ravni Kotari region" is implemented by University of Zagreb in cooperation with partner organizations. This project is funded by the European Union.

Specific objectives of this project are:

  1. To revalorise the Jankovic Castle cultural heritage expertise for knowledge transfer purposes.
  2. To use cultural heritage knowledge for reconciliation and peace building purposes.
  3. To use cultural heritage knowledge for socio-economic development.

Problem of preservation and revaluation of cultural heritage in Zadar's hinterland is intertwined and closely linked to the problem of repopulation and revitalization of the Ravni Kotari region. Through activities carried out within this project Jankovic Castle is used as a common meeting place for different nationalities and cultures. The ultimate goal of this project is to revitalizethe Jankovic Castle and Ravni Kotari region, which will enable local people opportunity to create a foundation for process of reconciliation and socio - economic development.

Stimulating of economy based on cultural tourism with focus on small family owned businesses will enable sustainable development of enterprises and creation of additional cultural and tourist activities that will determine the actual value and potential of the Ravni Kotari region.

Activities such as workshops, conferences and seminars that take place in Jankovic Castle, bring together local and international experts, and contribute to the development of necessary expertise and knowledge to strengthen social and ethnic tolerance, as well as to stimulate revenue generating activities and generate further actions that will benefit Ravni Kotari region.