Kula Jankovića: spomenik kulture, pokretač održivog razvoja Ravnih kotara

Jankovic Castle

Jankovic Castle is situated in Ravni Kotari region (near Zadar) is an exceptional and rare example of housing and fortification. It is registered as a cultural monument of the first category.

The Castle itself symbolizes the borderline between the Venetian Republic and the Ottoman Empire and can be understood as a common cultural heritage of both ethnicities. The Castle has a valuable and important collection of icons (dating from the 16th - 18th century), sacred objects, valuable collection of medieval weapons, numerous ethnographic and archaeological collections, a library containing 6,000 books, collection of antique furniture, maps, etc.

Additionally, Jankovic Castle has a rich historical background: from 17th century's Stojan Jankovic  who was granted  a title of Cavaliere (horseman) of the Republic of Venice for its achievements in the fight against the Ottoman Empire to a prominent author Vladan Desnica who was buried in 1967 in the church located next to the Castle.

Author Vladan Desnica opened the oldest part of the castle to the public, and has arranged  number of rooms that function as a gallery. Current owners are still trying to adjust facility to introduce general public with the heritage of this historic place.

Zadar County and Ravni Kotari region suffered immense human and material destruction during the 1991-1995 conflict. Although it has been over 15 years ago, residents who live in the Zadar's hinterland are still confronted with intolerance based on ethnic background. War trauma is still present in daily life thus affecting  already weak social and economic development of the area. Jankovic Castle was severely damaged by shelling, fire and vandalism during the conflict and process of renovation is currently in process.